Your diet is crucial. It's so important to be aware of what you eat when your training otherwise you just won't have enough fuel to enjoy or last to the end of your run. Even if you do finish your run, you may find yourself exhausted all the time and you don't want that. So get to know your diet and start looking at foods that help improve your diet and give you energy.

Here's what has helped me over the years...

- Test foods all the time, during the week and at weekends to see what foods work for you.

- Get juicing: wheatgrass, fruit and vegetables. They are delicious it's just knowing what goes well together - click here.

- Get to like bananas (unripe are better) and they are handy for long runs, but don't overdo it either as too many can cause constipation.

- Eggs are great as they're full of protein and keep you going longer. Go for the free range ones, less hormones.

- Carbs like pasta are good but don't overdo it and try out the gluten free options as they taste pretty much as good and cause less bloating. 

- Quinoa pronounced 'keen-wah' is very high in protein. It's a seed, not a grain and contains all eight of the essential amino acids.  It is also rich in calcium, iron, fibre and B vitamins so it's a good alternative to meat or soya.  By the way it's very easy and quick to cook.

- Go for brown rice or wholewheat pasta as it burns off slower, fueling you for longer.

- Porridge is great and add in some banana and/or berries for added flavor and a swirl of honey.

- I find the isotonic drinks can be too sweet for me, so what I do is I pour half the drink into another container and I fill up that half with water to dilute it down and it works for me. But remember if you're keeping yourself hydrated all day long you shouldn't need rehydrating on a run for approx. 60 minutes so it's only on the long run training sessions for a half or full marathon that you'll need to sip on a fluid every 10 or 15 minutes depending on weather conditions.

- Remember get to know your digestive system, some people (like me) need at least two hours to digest before a big or long race but if its just a park run I'd have a small piece of fruit, whereas others can eat right up to a race or a hard training session.

- Never introduce anything new to your diet the day of an event. Its a big NO NO as it can upset your system something awful.

- Enjoy a yummy energizing post run Chocolate Banana Milkshake - click here.

- Oily fish are excellent for your joints. You can take supplements or eat plenty of good healthy oily fish like Sardines or Mackerel.

- Like so many other people, I take a natural food supplement Power Greens which is a source of plant enzymes. Also contains trace amounts of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, plus important fatty acids the body needs every day.

- If you're out training for more than 45/60 minutes, bring along a snack to keep you fueled up.  Test out gels and jelly shots which provide instant energy.

Preparing for a running event? Click here for some of my tips.

Please remember, what works for me may not work for you,
everybody is so individual, trial and error is the best way!

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