Once you have attended a Chi Running workshop you have the information required to apply it to your daily training.  Like anything new you learn, it takes practice and time to progress, fine tune and perfect.  It's just like learning any new sport, it demands practice, practice and more practice, until all the elements of what you are learning, fit into place and works well. 

We talk about Gradual Progress when teaching the Chi technique and that's exactly what it takes.  Through regular focused practice you will progress and refine the ChiRunning technique. 
The more you can apply the posture in every day life the better, as then it becomes second nature to your body and will be simple to put in to practice during your training.  So when you're standing in a queue or chatting to a friend, check your feet alignment, balance of your feet, level your pelvis engaging your lower ab and make sure you have soft knees.  The more frequently you do this the quicker you will teach your body the technique. 
Every so often check your posture in the mirror, make sure it is upright, connect the dots and check for your shoelaces.  Practice the lean exercise against a wall, heels on the ground and hold the posture as you lean into the wall.

Don't forget the chi technique is 50:50 upper:lower body so make good use of your armswing.

Remember to begin run: focus on the feet, lean from the ankles, fall forward and pick up your feet with a short stride and look ahead.  Use your y'chi especially on upward hills.  Check in on your calves and ankles they should be completely limp and relaxed, no pressure!

You may be wondering can you run faster with this technique click here to learn more.


The first thing I recommend is getting a diary with a week view, I like an A5 size with the week across two pages.  The next thing to do is to consider your work, family, social etc commitments while considering which days you are going to train. I usually take Monday and Fridays off from running (as your body needs recovery time) and run the other five days but its entirely up to you, you can plan 3 days instead and spread them out. I would run an average of 5 to 6 miles four days and Saturday is my long run day so that would be 8 or 10 miles depending.  Remember to be flexible, some weeks you may do little to none and others do great, so don't be hard on yourself.

If you're starting out you might do 2 0r 3 miles on the days you have planned to run during the week and work towards 4 0r 5 miles on your long run at the weekend. The one thing I recommend is to try and get out at least three times a week to build up consistency and routine. Remember running is a lifestyle.  

Ideally you want to be running door to door in a loop as this avoids cheating and turning back sooner, so I recommend you map out 2, 3, 4 & 5 mile loop routes either using an app like runkeeper or get in your car and clock them. This way as the weeks pass and as you become more comfortable with your runs you can extend your mileage.  

If you are training on flat terrain all the time it is a good idea to find alternative routes with some hills because the day you enter a race no doubt there will be some hills on the route and you won't be prepared.

Get yourself a watch that will time your runs this way you can keep a check on your minute/mile (I'm not competitive but its no harm being familiar with your pace/mile) also I have a heart monitor so I can keep an eye on my heart rate too. Otherwise use your watch as a count down timer to keep you focused on your training technique during your run.

Buy yourself some proper running kit, you're investing time in getting fit so treat yourself to some decent clothes that make your running more enjoyable. Get the dry fit so that even when you're sweating you don't feel cold.
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