Monday, 29 August 2011

Chocolate banana milkshake

This is one of my favourite post run energisers...

250 mls milk
1 large banana
1 flat teaspoon of Cocoa powder
2 generous squirts of liquid honey
1 raw egg (optional but good source of protein)
Then zap all the ingredients in the blender and its ready to drink, enjoy! 

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Children learn the Chi technique so quickly

A friend of mine was concerned about her daughter's posture and son's regular injury issues so I said I'd teach them the chi running which deals with alignment, posture, lean, ankle lift and arm-swing. I videod them walking and running which identified a number of issues, in particular, foot splaying, heel striking, pushing off with the balls of the feet, crossing their centre line, poor arm-swing and a few more. 

But once we started, they were so attentative and wow do they learn fast! By the end of the day they were running the chi way and said they had more energy to run, which made me very happy. 

So if your child has poor posture or injury issues, remember teaching them the chi technique to walk or run could be the solution you're looking for.  The great thing about the chi technique is it's for all ages.