Monday, 30 April 2018

Recent Tesimonial

Hi Ruth
I was extremely impressed with your workshop as I had read the chi running book years ago but never implemented any of the techniques. After attending your workshop I have much more confidence in attempting the chi running techniques.
You explained everything so clearly and comprehensively in so many different ways which assisted greatly in memorizing the various techniques, it's now up to me to practice using them! 
I thought your course was exceptionally good value as you imparted so much information both theoretically and practically. I particularly like the fact that you had allocated so much of the time to practical work as this was most beneficial for me. 
Also it was very interesting to look at the video analysis as this helps again in visualizing my faults and areas that particularly need corrections.
It is evident that you are clearly passionate about the benefits of chi running so the ideal instructor.
I would like to see an intermediate follow up course as i fear I may fall into bad habits and also there is so much more to learn.
Thanks so much and I will be booking in my husband for one if your courses.
E. O'Leary.