Friday, 18 May 2012

Choose a Certified ChiRunning® or ChiWalking® Instructor

When you choose to learn the ChiRunning® or ChiWalking® technique please make sure to book a place on a Certified Chi Instructors workshop.

There are currently four Certified Instructors (one of which is me) in Ireland and we have gone through a rigorous training programme to be accredited with certification.

So invest your time and money wisely, contact a Certified Instructor to receive professional training.

Click here for a list of Certified Instructors in Ireland.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Chi Running/Walking Demo & Tips at Cork City Marathon Expo

I'll be holding a Chi Running/Walking Demonstration and Tips Session at the Cork City Marathon Expo on Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd June (registration days) from 2pm - 3pm in City Hall. 

These free Chi Running/Walking demos are open to participants of the Cork City Marathon and numbers are limited (first come basis) so registering for participation is essential. 

The session will incorporate some drills and exercises to help with your alignment and balance, posture, arm swing, y'chi, hill technique and relaxation.  For those attending you will need to wear suitable running/walking clothes and runners.  

Email to book your place before it's too late and please state whether you are a runner or walker and which session you would prefer to attend (Sat or Sun). You will receive an email in response.

Places are being snapped up so don't miss out on this great opportunity to get some last minute advice and tips to help make your race more enjoyable and effortless.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Study shows consistent easy running extends your longevity by up to 6.8 years!

"Long-term physical activity in leisure time and mortality from coronary heart disease, stroke, respiratory diseases, and cancer".   Schnohr P, Lange P, Scharling H, Jensen JS. Copenhagen City Heart Study, Bispebjerg University Hospital, Denmark.


The purpose of the study was to describe the associations between different levels of long-term physical activity in leisure time and subsequent causes of death.


Conclusion of the research: Men with high physical activity survived 6.8 years longer, and men with moderate physical activity 4.9 years longer than sedentary men. For women the figures were 6.4 and 5.5 years, respectively


Yet another good reason to book your place on one of my upcoming Chi Running workshops!