Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Hill Walking so much easier with Chi Walking

Last weekend I enjoyed a great two days hill walking in the Burren, Co. Clare as part of the Burren Peak Walking Festival 2011. I'm not a regular hill walker but I tell you one thing I couldn't believe how well I managed to partake in the grade B walks for 5 hours both days all thanks to my chi walking. 

I noticed how effortless it was going up the hills, keeping my best posture, using my core and looking up the hill, it really did impress me. During the Saturday walk I was beside a lady who was finding it difficult going up the steep terrain so I told her to lean in to the hill, keep a straight posture and look up. She tried it out and couldn't believe how much easier it was for her. When her friends caught up with her she explained what I told her to do, and off the ladies went up the hill with great ease.

So if you're a hill walker, amateur or serious, chi walking is a technique that will make your hill walking days so much more effortless.