Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Torso Rotation

I love it when I'm out chi running or chi walking and I fine tune all the key focuses along with torso rotation, it's amazing the difference it makes to your training.

With torso rotation the idea is that we run or walk from T12/L1 as opposed to our hips. This way you will go further with each stride and it gives a lovely fluid feel to your running.

Torso rotation can be quite challenging but if you jive, salsa or belly dance it will be easier for you to do. Think of your legs starting at T12/L1, no longer think of them starting at your hips. Stand in a staggered stance (in front of a mirror if you like) and focus on your T12/L1 and start rotating. Your upper body above T12 will remain facing ahead and the shoulders do NOT swing, so in otherwords the upper part of your body from T12 up to your head stays static facing ahead while the lower part from T12/L1 will rotate.

If you find your whole body rotating get a friend to stand in front of you and hold your shoulders static while you rotate your lower part of your body, then gradually get your friend to take their hands away. It helps if you're in a staggered stance and bring in the armswing.  

I found practicing this walking worked well for me until I got to the stage where I was constantly doing it on my walks, then it started to creep into my running. When running it is easiest to practice it on the flat and on gradual downward hills so focus on it there and then it will gradually come through in all your running.

Practice this as often as you can, but give it time, remember - gradual progress!

Monday, 5 December 2011

Upstairs Downstairs

Fellow chi runners and walkers, next time you go up or down a stairs body sense what you do!

Going up you should make sure your feet are flat, don't go up on the balls of the feet and when you are coming down make sure and soften those knees a little more. This will keep you in tune with the chi technique. Remember you're training your body all the time.

Friday, 2 December 2011

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