PreRun Looseners

Before you go for a run you should loosen out your joints to get the energy flowing through the body and to avoid any freezing/locking of the joints. Relaxed joints mean less work for your muscles.

Here's a quick video demonstration of the main ones - ankles, knees, hips, shoulders & spine also see below additional information.

Movement Exercises Pre-Race

If I'm going to a race and plan on taking off relatively fast in gear 3 then I would do some additional movement warm up exercises to prepare for a faster start. Here's a quick video demonstration:

You can read in greater detail the body looseners below.

Lower Legs - Shake out your lower legs. Let your lower legs get really floppy and loose. Remember - relaxed, lower legs when you run.

Ankle rolls – Put your toe on the ground (keep the leg close to the body don’t stretch it out) and roll your ankle around in circles by using your upper leg to create the motion so that your ankle can relax.  Do 8 – 10 in each direction and repeat with other ankle. 

Knee circles – Feet together (solid on the ground) and as if you were going to sit down put your hands on your knees and go around in circles, clockwise/anticlockwise directions, do 8 – 10 in each direction. 

Pelvis circles – Rotate your pelvis forward, right side, back, left side, forward etc. in circles without moving the rest of the body, just focus on this area. Do a minimum of 8-10 in each direction.  

Shoulder Rolls – put your hands on your shoulders and roll them forward 8 – 10 times and then roll them the reverse (backwards) for 8 – 10 times.

Spine twist – Stand with your feet inner hip width apart, let your arms relax by your sides and when you’re ready focus on your Dantien and use this to gently direct your torso to either side and your arms will follow swinging around the body, let them flop around the body giving a lovely spinal stretch. Keep the body aligned forward.

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