Do I need a workshop to learn ChiRunning? Workshops are ideal for kinesthetic learners, people who learn best by doing. For most, learning sports and athletic is much easier with a coach than from a book. During the workshop I will be able to analyze your running and give custom one-on-one feedback ensuring you learn these new methods by the end of the day.

Is the workshop worth the money? Well a Chi Running workshop can cost less than a pair of running shoes which will last longer with better running technique • at least two massages which most upright, power-runners need due to tight or strained muscles • two physical therapy sessions from running with a poor technique • the entry cost of two marathons which you will do much better at with Chi Running • And costs less than….• chiropractor or spinal alignment bills • less or limited trips to podiatrists and knee specialists •  less gym memberships as running becomes your primary means of exercise.

Is this workshop appropriate for beginners? Yes. In fact, if you are just starting out it's the ideal time to learn good running technique. That way, running will stay enjoyable for you as you do one mile, two miles, three miles, and so on. Then you will stay with running as a form of exercise for many years to come.  A lot of my clients have been new to running and keeping a ‘beginners mind-set’ is actually a great advantage.

Will experienced runners benefit from your workshop? Yes. Marathoners, triathletes, 10K’ers, and seasoned joggers love learning how to run with less stress on their lower bodies. That allows them to train longer, with no injuries to slow them down in preparation or in races.

How long does it take to learn ChiRunning? You’ll learn the fundamentals of ChiRunning in one day. During the workshop you're doing lots of drills, exercises and stop-start runs which gives you a chance to combine the focuses into a liberating new way of moving that will shock you with how good it feels to run that way. Then like anything new you learn, it requires consistent practice, practice, practice! This is a gradual process taking from approx. 3 - 6 months to really get to grips with and perfect, but it really depends on your ability to focus on your runs. I have to say I'm always learning, fine tuning and tweaking the technique to make it better, so really you never stop learning and progressing.

How can I prepare for the workshop? Sign up for the next workshop and because I like small groups where I can give personalized attention, I limit my workshops to 8 participants, which means they can fill up quite quickly. I also recommend reading the ChiRunning Book by Danny Dreyer if you've already got it as that way you’ll understand many of the principles at the workshop and it's great for dipping in and out of after the workshop.

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