Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Dublin Marathon | Womens Mini Marathon

Good luck to everyone participating in the Dublin Marathon this coming bank holiday Monday. I hope you all enjoy the day and have a safe, relaxed and fun 26.2 miles. See you at the finish line!

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Cork City Marathon Free ChiRunning Participative Session

Well done to everyone who participated in the Cork City Marathon, what a great turn out again this year!

Thanks to everyone who came along to the ChiRunning session on Sat & Sun and for those of you who haven't emailed me yet I can't send on your video analysis until you do that, so don't forget.

Tips for Race day....

Take off slowly (don't get pulled by the crowd in a frenzy start) and let the body warm up and relax the body as best you can.

Think tall, imagine a thread up in the sky ahead of you pulling you along like a puppet from the front of your crown helping to keep your posture nice and tall to avoid breaking at the waist or slumping.

Bring your arm-swing to the rear and just let it go like a pendulum going forward propelling you along.

Soften your knees, not locked, not bent, just soft will reduce any impact you have with the road.

Focus your eyes ahead on your horizon (not up in sky or not down on ground) and let this attention pull you along.

To all my ChiRunners out there, remember to focus on keeping your centre of body mass ahead of your feet (don't let your feet touch your nose) flash your eyes down and make sure your column stays ahead of your feet and just peel up your feet behind you, think relaxed legs, rear arm swing (like a pendulum) and relax the body!

Enjoy the race day fun!

Monday, 5 May 2014

Terenure 5 Mile Road Race

If you're doing the Terenure 5 Mile why not join me next Saturday morning (10th May) in Terenure Sports Club and learn the ChiRunning technique to help you run injury free and with greater energy efficiency?

Click here for details of this 1/2 day Level I Introduction to ChiRunning which includes video analysis of your current running, posture, lean to engage gravity pull, ankle lift & armswing.

Don't miss out, book your place now on

Monday, 14 April 2014

Use your shadow to check-in on your running technique

At last some sunshine!  Use your shadow to check in on your running technique....

Running with the sun directly behind you will place your shadow right in front of you which makes it easy to check what's going on with your shoulders and armswing especially for those of your with shoulder rotation and imbalance in your armswing. 

Running with the sun right beside you will place your shadow along side you where you can easily check your lean, posture and armswing.'s great, just like a running buddy checker, I love it :-)

Saturday, 5 April 2014

New format 1/2 day Level I Introduction to ChiRunning workshop works a treat!

Today was the first time I used my new format 1/2 day Level I Introduction to ChiRunning workshop and it worked a treat, so I'm delighted!

Participant's feedback was great and very encouraging so I'll keep rolling out workshops in this new improved format.

For Cork and Dublin upcoming workshops where you can learn to run injury free and energy efficient click here or email:

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Chi Running in Kinsale, Cork

Well done to the group at yesterday's Chi Running workshop in it's practice, practice, practice!

Happy ChiRunning and looking forward to catching up with you again for a follow up run around Kinsale :-)

Monday, 3 March 2014

Workshop at Clondrohid Track, Macroom

I'm delighted to have had the opportunity to hold a Chi Running workshop at the newly opened Clondrohid Track in Macroom last Sunday and well done to all my new Chi Runners, you worked hard on the day and we enjoyed lots of laughs along the way.

The Clondrohid community is so lucky to have such a great facility on their doorstep, I'm totally jealous!

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Get your Centre ahead of your Feet

When you're Chi Running your center of body mass (Dantien) is ahead of your feet when you're in your support stance and you should feel like you’re gently falling forward as you run, but remember it is a controlled fall. 


So when you're in your one legged stance your center should be ahead of your feet. But if your Dantien is above your feet it means that you’re pulling yourself forward with your hamstrings and you’re not leaning and not taking advantage of the pull of gravity, assisted propulsion.

Remember use the body sensing technique to feel like you’re gently falling forward.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Invest in Your Long-term Health

Participation in one of the Chi Running workshops is an investment in your health and is (approx.) equivalent in cost for two physiotherapy, sports massage or acupuncture sessions.  However an important additional benefit to your investment in the workshop is that you learn to run in a way that prevents injury and is energy efficient, so it's an even greater investment in your long term health!

Monday, 26 August 2013

Golden Arches: Human Feet More Flexible Than We Thought,

Article by Deborah Franklin,
The healthy human foot's outer arch may be more flexible than previously thought.

The healthy human foot's outer arch may be more flexible than previously thought....
.....There was nothing wrong with any of these feet, the scientist emphasizes. It's our definition of normal that needs to change.
"A sports shoe with a lot of arch support might not be such a great idea," he says. A bit of cushioning is fine. "But I'd look for a shoe that lets your toes wiggle and doesn't constrain foot motion. You want your foot to be able to move and flatten because that's what it's designed to do."
Click here for the full article