Thursday, 15 December 2016

2017 New Years Resolutions?

Happy New Year! It's never too late to make a New Year's resolution....I've decided to do 50 races for my 50th year!

If you would like to start running or have had a break from running and would like to get back running I have both morning and evening classes that are new for 2017 and include not just the 0 - 5k running plan but also so much more from exercises and conditioning work here for more details.

If you're looking for help to improve your running technique, avoid injuries and/or make your running easier or more here for running technique workshops and sessions.

If you want to refresh the chi running technique you learnt at the level 1 session and advance the technique a bit further click here for information on level 2 advanced technique.

If you've no idea how you run and wonder could you do something to make it more efficient or here for details of private one-to-one sessions and video analysis.

Plenty of options above to choose from that hopefully will help you achieve at least part of your 2017 resolutions!

Contact me now to discuss how I can help you with your running in 2017 call me on (087) 2432593 or send me an and I'll get back to you.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Prepare for Running in Cold temperatures

It was pretty cold out there tonight training
on the track and as it continues to get colder with icy mornings /evenings it's important that you
prepare for running in the cold....

  • Get out the running gloves, hat & wind breaker, don't over-layer or wear big heavy jackets & wooly hats, you should feel cool starting off and you'll warm up soon enough;
  • Take it slow at first, gradually warm up, a nice light jog (gear 1) for about 200 metres will do and some dynamic stretches, leave the static ones for after your run;
  • Watch out for icy patches and avoid wet leaves;
  • Be visible;
  • I like to do my post run stretches in a sheltered spot as your body temperature is dropping quite fast so you don't need a gale blowing on you too; 
  • Protect your skin, some of my favourite skin care products are Green Angel Repair Cream,   Kinvara Skincare 24HR Rosehip Face Serum or Dermologica Barrier Repair  as the cold will affect the skin on your face.
  • As soon as you can, change-out of your running gear, have a hot shower and enjoy a warm drink.
  • If you drive to your running location then it might be worth investing in a water proof seat-cover and seat-heater, toasty!

So get yourself prepared and enjoy the cold temperature runs!


Wednesday, 16 November 2016

3 Mistakes that Keep You from Being a Better Runner & How to Overcome them

Check out Danny's video on 3 Mistakes that Keep You from Being a Better Runner.

Danny identifies the 3 big mistakes in video 1 and in video 2 he discusses how you can Overcome these Mistakes.

So listen up, and yes they're short videos.

Click here.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Cork City Marathon 2017

For those of you who might be starting a training plan for Cork City Marathon 2017 or another marathon, here's a few marathon day tips to remember:

Don't get caught up in the surge of the runners in take off, if you do, check yourself, pull back and slow down, you've 26.2 miles yet to go!!

Stay focused on your technique throughout the race to avoid fatigue setting in prematurely.

Put some Himalayan Salt in one of your water bottles or use an electrolyte tablet. Put half isotonic drink and half water in another water bottle.

Relax, relax, relax and enjoy the race, look around you, enjoy the cheering spectators, they'll drive you on.

There's nothing like an incentive to get you to the finish line be it your favourite meal or a treat of some sort like a spa day!

Click here for some great advice from my fellow ChiRunning instructor Catherina McKiernan.

Catherina McKiernan,

Click here for some more great advice from my other fellow ChiRunning instructor Mary Jennings of Forget the Gym.

Runners taking part in the Dingle Marathon earlier this month. Photograph: Domnick Walsh

Good luck to everyone taking part this year!

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Is the way you stand holding you back?

Have you ever thought about the way you stand or checked to see how it may be affecting your running?

Think about it, if your upper body tends to lean backwards (against gravity) it may cause pressure on your lower back day to day, but as a runner it will mean you have to work extra hard as you'll need greater propulsion to move forward on flat terrain. Going up hills will be even harder!

I've worked with many runners who are totally unaware they are leaning backwards, they're convinced they're upright until you show them a photo of themselves and as we know a picture never lies.

So stand the way you normally do beside a mirror (to the side) and check  the way your standing. If you're upper body is leaning back you will need to start teaching it to be upright. Come along to one of the listed chirunning workshops as the first part focuses on getting your alignment, balance and static stance correct. 

So don't let the way your standing hold you back, make it work for your running.


Wednesday, 26 August 2015

New to Running? Here's a few quick pointers

To all the new runners out there here's a couple of quick pointers....

1. Get proper running gear it's everywhere now from cheap to expensive, don't wear your heavy cotton track suits and hoodies. Also invest in a baseball hat (keeps the rain off your face) and a windcheaters (keeps the sharp wind at bay) in the cold winter days.

2. Less is more! I know you might be looking out at a bleak blustery day but as you run your body temperature will go up and you'll start to melt wearing too much clothes and then you have to dump it or carry it.

3. Don't hold items in your hand like your mobile or water bottle as it can cause and contribute to shoulder rotation which is very hard to get rid of later when you realize your doing it. Get yourself a water belt and get used to it, you don't have to carry all bottles you can reduce it to two as long as they're balanced either side. You don't even have to fill them up fully. Otherwise you can put your bottle somewhere on your loop. But if you keep yourself nicely hydrated throughout the day and if you're running less than 50 - 60 minutes then you probably won't need water at all until after your run.

4. Use a short stride and a high cadence (SPM min 85 per stride or 170 for both) this will reduce heel strike and is more energy efficient.

5. Don't forget to use your arms! 

6.  Look straight ahead, not at the ground and not at the sky, just scan the path ahead.

7. Listen to your body, body sense what's going on while your running, don't overdo it especially in the early stages of running but don't be too easy on yourself too, set yourself targets!

8. The sooner you make running part of your lifestyle the sooner it becomes second nature and give yourself credit after your run for getting up and out there. Well done!

Monday, 24 August 2015

Cadence Tip

While you're getting ready to go out for your run and during your pre-run body looseners have your metronome set at your desired cadence level so that by the time you head off on your run, the cadence rhythm is well established in your body, that way you'll take off at the cadence you want to achieve.

Remember the clip on metronome is ideal for keeping you at the same cadence level regardless of the terrain, so when you meet those upward hills you don't slow down!

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Combined Chi Running Focuses is the Key

To feel like your running effortlessly, avoid running injuries and be more energy efficient (so you can run farther or in shorter time), you need to be practicing the combined chi running focuses.

When you're learning chi running it takes time to combine the focuses as it can be easier to practice some of the focuses on their own (like the armswing, posture or y'chi) and others together (like the posture, ankle lift and knee bend).  Initially while you will enjoy the benefit of the posture focus or rear armswing focus on it's own, it's really when you manage to combine the totality of focuses that you will glide along effortlessly, it's a real AHA moment!

So in the early stages of learning the chi running technique, before you go for your run, decide what focuses you're going to practice on each run.  If it's a short run you might practice just one or two focuses separately or together. If it's a long run you might practice all the focuses every 10 - 15 minutes (use your watch timer to beep) and at the end of the run practice all the focuses combined. If you've attended a workshop, the chirunning App will really help.

Like learning anything new, you will progress gradually and your running will start to become more effortless and in time when you go out one day and you automatically combine all the focuses, you just won't know yourself.

Running using all the focuses together is the key!

Next time you're out on a run, scan your body to see if you're running using the combination of all focuses or are you only using some of them.  If it's the latter, identify the ones you're not using and gradually incorporate them into your running.

Happy ChiRunning!

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Get your Centre ahead of your Feet

When you're Chi Running your center of body mass (Dantien) is ahead of your feet when you're in your support stance and you should feel like you’re gently falling forward as you run, but remember it is a controlled fall. 


So when you're in your one legged stance your center should be ahead of your feet. But if your Dantien is above your feet it means that you’re pulling yourself forward with your hamstrings and you’re not leaning and not taking advantage of the pull of gravity, assisted propulsion.

Remember use the body sensing technique to feel like you’re gently falling forward.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Invest in Your Long-term Health

Participation in one of the Chi Running workshops is an investment in your health and is (approx.) equivalent in cost for two physiotherapy, sports massage or acupuncture sessions.  However an important additional benefit to your investment in the workshop is that you learn to run in a way that prevents injury and is energy efficient, so it's an even greater investment in your long term health!