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Ruth Farrell, Certified ChiRunning® & ChiWalking® Instructor, Effortless Running based in Cork teaches running and walking technique. 

ChiRunning® Technique
all levels of runners
Limited to 8 - 10 places
The half day workshop includes the following:

Begin with a warm-up and your Individual Video Analysis.
Running technique practice part 1:
* Alignment & Posture;
* Lean & Ankle-lift;
* Arm Swing;
Running technique practice part 2:
* Torso & Hip rotation;  
* Speed using Gears, stride and Cadence (spm);
* Up/Down Hill technique
Cool down Stretches 
* Recorded Individual Video Analysis emailed after.



Saturday 13th April

Cork City


Saturday 11th May

Cork City
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Saturday 22nd June

Cork City
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Saturday 6th July

Cork City

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Half day (9am - 2pm) Workshop

€70.00 per person.

If you're restricted on time to attend the full half day workshop on the one day there is an option to split the workshop over two workshops where you attend Part 1 (9am - 11.30am) and at a later stage attend Part 2 (11.45am - 2pm). €40.00 per session with the full payment of €80.00 paid at the first session.  

BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW: or call Ruth on 087 2432593. Mixed group of all ages (over 16yrs) welcome.  


€50 for the half day
€30 for Part 1 or Part 2 / Level 2

Liz Ryan recently came back to do the 1/2 day workshop as a refresher and had this to say: "Did the chi running workshop this morning as a refresher, last did it Nov 2017, well worth doing, found it even better than the first time. Tuned in much faster, found I had a good understanding of the technique but the refresher workshop helps to transfer it from the mind into the body. Subtle improvements to posture, lean and body sensing make a huge difference . Thanks Ruth for all the pointers and for being a great teacher!"

Want to attend a Refresher half day Workshop?
For those who have attended a half day workshop with me in the past please note that you receive a special discount price of €50.00 if you wish to do a refresher workshop.

Want to attend a Refresher Part 1 OR Part 2 at a workshop?
For those who have completed the full day workshop or level 1 half day workshop with me in the past and want to do a refresher part 1 or part 2 receive a discount price of €30.00.

CIT Track & Field

Also the lower pathway  
& Hills

"Thoroughly enjoyable, looking forward to follow up sessions", Ita Kirwan, Cork
"Video footage before and after was excellent, footage was broken down very well", Laura Buckley

"Overall very beneficial and enthusiastic teaching", Philip Murphy, Cork.
Once you've completed the above workshop you're invited to join my Cork Chi Running private group on Face Book where you will get regular support  with progressing your running technique, tips and advice, and it's a platform for asking questions and sharing your own experiences.
Running technique course are for both men & women. All levels of abilities welcome from beginners to advanced.

 TESTIMONIALS........for more click here

"Thank you so much for a fabulous day!! I really, really enjoyed the workshop and learnt so much. It is so interesting and makes so much sense when you break it down!! "  
Jane, Kinsale, Co. Cork.

Thanks a million – I really enjoyed it and really get the effortless piece!! You are a great teacher. Sarah O'Hea, Courtmacsherry.
"Sitting on a wall in Timoleage after my longest run ever - 7.5k and could have kept going! The furthest ever before your course was 5k and that was a struggle almost every time.
P.S. the views are fab now that I'm not looking at my feet!"
Kevin, Cork.

 Half day ChiWalking® Workshop:
When demand is there I can also offer ChiWalking ® workshops where we work on the following ....

  • Alignment & Posture
  • Moving from your centre
  • Leading with your shoulders
  • Ankle Lift
  • Arm Swing
  • Cadence (SPM) & Speed
  • Torso Rotation
  • Individual Video Analysis & Feedback
 9.30am - 1.00pm
@ €50 per person


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"Really enjoyed the session, you've a great sense of humour which is important when training, great workshop that I would recommend to others" S. O'Donnell.

"I felt everything was covered very well and really enjoyable. Great to have notes to take home too". H. Irwin.

"Highly commendable workshop, great rapport with class....most enjoyable" G. Dowling.
"The course was most enjoyable....huge attention to detail....generous handouts...great individual support" G. Hinchion.
"Enjoyed the class, very nice pace, all aspects explained in detail" C. O'Mahony.
"Great session, very beneficial" D. O'Riordan.
"Very organized and efficient" M. Griffin
"Great workshop" D. Crone
"Really enjoyed it" G. McCarthy 

If you wish to organise a one-to-one training session or a private group workshop for your running club or athletic club members, please contact me direct.

Effortless Running
Certified Instructor
Cork, Ireland.
Mobile: (087) 243 2593

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